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Garage conversion

Get extra room!

What uses can you think of for an extra room in your home? Maybe you have a growing family and need an extra bedroom or playroom, maybe you are starting a business and need an office, how about a spare room for guests or an art studio? There are endless reasons why you might need extra space in your home. Is your garage space being wasted by storing junk and empty boxes? Put your garadge to better use by converting it into a habitable room that will add value to your home.

While most people understand the need to update their insurance company following a conversion, the situation regarding your council tax banding is less well understood by many. The good news is that adding an extra room to your house will not affect your banding until there is a “relevant transaction”, for the majority of homeowners this means when the house is sold. There is a page on the Valuation Office Agency website that explains this in more detail.

Cost Effective Solution

Converting your garage into an integral part of your home is a great way to increase your living space at a fraction of the cost of building an extension, a loft conversion or moving house. Convenient, and a practical use of space, a garage conversion will provide you with 150 sq feet for a single garage (300 sq foot for a double) of additional room in your existing home

Get extra roome with Polish Builders! 

Polish Builders will begin with a site visit to discuss your project and offer impartial advice on the requirements of the job. We will prepare a detailed quotation which will incoperate relevent costings, such as project planning, meeting industry regulations etc, so you wont get any nasty surprises once the job is completed. 

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