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House insulation Dorset, Christchurch, Bournemouth, Poole

When you are an owner of a property or commercial premises you have to think about for a second how much money do you spend on your home in a year.

The last one being the most important is probably the single most important cost of any home owner and can easily be reduced by using general common sense and insulation you building correctly.

The cooling and heating of any property accounts for around 50-70% of the total energy used for heating the average home.

If you do not have the correct specification of insulation in your property and you have air lea kage within your property this is one of the main causes of energy waste in most properties.

The installation of the correct insulation will do both.

Save money and assist in the countries energies resources.

It will make your home or commercial property more comfortable by helping to keep the temperature more stable throughout the property, which will make the external walls and roof or ceiling hotter in the winter and cooler in the summer.

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Polish Builders will begin with a site visit to discuss your project and offer impartial advice on the requirements of the job.

We will prepare a detailed quotation which will incoperate relevent costings, such as project planning, meeting industry regulations etc, so you wont get any nasty suprises once the job is completed.

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