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Loft conversion

We are just a group of hardworking people.
Our career in building business have started more than 25 years ago.
We worked in Poland, where the building market is very hard and demanding.
We learned working hard and do our job best we can.

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Loft conversion

Polish Builders is a building company consisting of hardworking people.

Inconveniences of the housing market forced many to find a new way to achieve more living space without a need of hard accessible mortgages or investing into a new house. There are many possibilities of upgrading your house to better suit your needs, and one of them is a loft conversion. Before you start, you need to decide if this type of the conversion is suitable for the type of your building.

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It is the best to ask a professional such as a builder or architect, who will visit your house and check if your loft can be converted. In most cases lofts come with some allowance which makes them fine for this type conversion, but before you begin, it is important to take other things into account as well. It is crucial to measure the head height of your loft, which cannot be lower than 2,2m. You must also check what type of roof and floor you have in your house. Some types of roof make the conversion harder and more expensive, while the wrong type of the floor below may cause problems to the future stairs. Another key factor is the choice of the most suitable type of loft conversion.

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There are four main types: dormer, hip-to-gable, roof light and mansard. The type of loft conversion should be carefully chosen. A professional will be able to guide you and help to determine the best one, taking into account your budget, the type and age of your house and many more important factors.

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Our clients in particular appreciate our features:

Competitive Prices Polish Builders


Because we use cost-effective solutions & we do our services as we would do for ourselves.

25 years of experience Building Company

25 years
of experience

Because doing the best job demands on the worker years of experience.

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Because we really want to satisfy our clients needs.

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How we work?

Polish Builders will begin with a site visit to discuss your project and offer impartial advice on the requirements of the job. We will prepare a detailed quotation which will incoperate relevent costings, such as project planning, meeting industry regulations etc, so you wont get any nasty suprises once the job is completed.

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