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garage conversion

Have you ever thought how beneficial it may be to get an additional room in your house? A new playroom for your children, an additional guest room, an office or a bigger living room? The possibilities are endless, but they all have one thing in common, they make your living space more comfortable. You can upgrade your house by converting your garage. It will not only make your life easier, but also add value to your property.

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While most people understand the need to update their insurance company following a conversion, the situation regarding your council tax banding may not be that clear. The good news is that adding an extra room to your house will not affect your banding until there is a “relevant transaction”, for the majority of home owners it means the house sale. You can read more about this matter on the Valuation Office Agency website.

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Cost Effective Solution

Converting your garage into an integral part of your house is a great way to increase your living space. A garage conversion is a cheaper alternative to other methods such as building extensions, loft conversions or house moving. The garage conversion will provide you with up to 300 sq ft of additional space in your house.

garage conversion

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Polish Builders will provide you with all important details and information. Thanks to their high experience and great skilfulness a garage conversion will be conducted smoothly and effortlessly. They guarantee special care of every, even the tinniest detail and high quality of workmanship.

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